DOA is contemporary jewellery, with fresh yet timeless forms, untouched by passing fads and conventions. 

DOA is design born of basic geometries that are present in everything around us to live in perfect harmony with your skin.

DOA rests on an entirely artisanal process of elaboration, ensuring the greatest care of every detail, from the initial design to the finishing of each piece.

Every one of these gems is a concentration of experiences, portraits and landscapes known and loved over the years. An imaginary washed by waters as different as the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean — waters so uniquely distinctive and yet all water.

A fusion of contrasts drawn from different geographies: sun, rain, fields and orchards, the Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ way, saltpeter, tanned skin… and the city, steel, concrete, contemporary art, architecture…

Each collection stems from a memory, a sequence held still in time, like prettyPhotographs transformed into small sculptures that perfectly fit the body.